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You know when you're watching Mad Men and suddenly you're in a David Lynch film? OK maybe not, but this genre bending 1950s Lynchian erotic thriller will have you rapt, speechless, and addicted. You'll have 25 episodes to binge! The Diarist is a stylized 1950s psychological drama. Hailed as "if Hitchcock had written a love story" (Geek Girl Authority) and "runner up for dark workplace drama" (Radio Public). 

The Story

The Diarist Story

The Diarist is a brand new podcast launched in March 2018. It is a serialized fiction podcast with the story told in 15 psychologically thrilling episodes.

Things are not always as they seem in this neo-noir thriller. The Diarist, explores the darker side of the human psyche and the terrifying consequences of indulging in base desires.The story unfolds in 20 serialized episodes available on ITunes or where ever you get your podcasts. Meet the cast here. Find out about becoming a patreon subscriber for early release episodes, fan club web pages, the novel, out takes, and member-only mini episodes.

Episode 1 - The Promotion
Episode 2 -Meeting  Mrs. Hayes
Episode 3 - Handsome Steven Morris
Episode 4 - Charming Steven Morris
Episode 5 - Pressure Cooker
Episode 6 - Wedding bells and dreams collide
Episode 7 Part 1 - The Bridal Shower
Episode 7 Part 2 - The Bridal Shower and Its Aftermath
Episode 8 - Fish Out of Water
BONUS CONTENT - Interview with "We're All Mad Here" Podcaster Rachel Diamond
Episode 9 Part 1 - Miss Velvet Maude
Episode 9 Part 2 - A Heart Around Them Both
Episode 10 -  Lunch with Mrs. Margaret Hayes
Episode 11 - Andrea, Let a Man Have His Secrets
Episode 12 - Passion or Truth?
Episode 13 - Poor Margaret
BONUS EPISODE - Dr. Walter Freeman, Lobotomist
Episode 14 Part 2 - A Gentleman On One Side / A Devil on the Other
Episode 15 Part 1 - Honeymoon!
Episode 15 Part 2: Honeymoon Continued
Episode 16- Sharks Circling
Episode 17 - An Island of Isolation
Episode 18 - Season 1 Finale
BONUS EPISODE: The Diarist Live Radio Show with FOLEY!
BONUS CONTENT- 11/2018 Donna, Beth, Ryan, Interview with KBOO Radio (Ken Jones)

After completing Katherine Gibbs Secretarial School, Andrea Davies takes a position at a large New York Advertising firm, admittedly there to find a husband and secure a life as a well-to-do, country club socialite.

Andrea meets Richard Hayes, one of the firm's partners. An attraction takes hold. To everyone at the firm, Richard is the powerful yet kind and respectful executive with tragic home life. He appears to be a devoted husband to Margaret, a dangerous "lunatic" who is in and out of psychiatric hospitals.

Andrea becomes increasingly drawn into Richard's bizarre personal life. She begins to assume the role of his wife and mother of his young daughter. However, a parallel reality continues back at his apartment where his psychotic wife moves in and out of insanity.


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"The Diarist is what you get if Mad Men and Jane Eyre marry and have a baby, where a secretary becomes the personal assistant to a prickly and strange ad executive and falls in love. It's about regular people in the 1950s making bad decisions. The voice leads in particular are instrumental in creating a haunting story about people that could have been happy. (Bello Collective)"Enter your text here...Z

These days noir fiction is slowly but surely becoming something of a dying art. So it was fun to rediscover my love for all things noir through this story (I may or may not have bought a bunch of Alfred Hitchcock movies). But what I love even more than that has to be the voice actors. With a fantastic production team and music backing them up, the cast gives a flawless performance that really sucks you into another world. I just really love this podcast. I love the music, how it feels like more of an audio book than a podcast, how they show how mental illness was actually dealt with in the 1950's and Margaret Hayes; my favorite character. If I had to give any legitimate criticism it would be the lack of merch. Other than that? It's spectacular. (Geek Girl Authority